Leak Away Systems are devices designed to contain and dispose the spillage of water from an appliance. They may be temporarily or permanently positioned beneath the appliance for the purpose of containing and disposing of leaking water from the appliance.

Leak Away 1000 Leak Away Systems are entirely new and innovative in their approach to greatly eliminating or reducing the cost of damages resulting from undetected leaks and/or spillage of water from a household appliance. Buildings and more specifically individual rooms within a structure require significant costly restoration as a result of water damage due to spillages from a normal household appliance. Even a small leak from a broken pipe, a failed nozzle or other wear and tear over time can result in a water leakage that can cause extensive structural damage and the rapid build-up of dangerous and unhealthy molds and spores.

The Leak Away's features will result in savings, in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars, in restoration costs to room; including walls, ceilings and floors as well as the furniture and fixtures generally installed in these rooms.

Leak Away Systems should eliminate unnecessary insurance claims resulting in reduced insurance rates for individuals and financial benefits for insurance companies.

Please take a look at the different models currently available for water bearing appliances here - MODELS

    Prevents Water Damage
    Water damage is a major concern for both homeowners and insurance companies, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage.

    Prevents Mold
    Infectious and unhealthy mold often results from water spillages and can go undetected, creating rapid growth in a short period of time.

Patent Pending - No.: 2,613,840
Device for Containing and Disposing the Spillage of Water from an Appliance