Leak Away Systems are available in three models. Each model conforms to the universal size of its water bearing appliance and connects to the drainage system of your house, business or multi-unit property, easily containing and disposing any unforeseen leaks those appliances may incur. They are made with 3/16 inch textured ABS plastic so they'll never rust or corrode. Please review the brochure for each model found below.

LA-1000 LA-2000 LA-3000
A containment tray for universal hot water heaters.
A containment tray designed for household dishwashers.
A containment tray designed for household washing machines.

Note that the LA-1000 is available in two models for standard Hot Water Heaters and those with sump pumps. All models include center drains where applicable.

Patent Pending - No.: 2,613,840
Device for Containing and Disposing the Spillage of Water from an Appliance